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How many times do you have to hear someone tell you to "Dream Big?" I'm not talking about the close your eyes and go to sleep dreams. I'm talking about the dreams that you have in your head when you think about life. The dreams that you write down and think about every day.  You know, that lifestyle you want for yourself. The type of dreams that are unrealistic and make you say "I wish!" Why are our dreams so small?  Your dreams should be extravagant. They should make people look at you like you're crazy when you talk about them. Your dreams should scare the hell out of you. I mean after all they're only dreams right? Wrong. Dreams are visionaries that push us towards the lives that we imagine for ourselves. They make us think about what we're doing, what we should be doing, and why we're not doing it. Yes of course we have to think about the realities of life. But that’s the beauty of dreams.  Life is all about what you make out of it. Things will happen. Good things. Bad things. Not so pretty things. But never let that stop you from dreaming. Dreams keep hope alive. Dreams keep us young, motivated, and passionate. Dreams are what we want them to be. Dreams determine our levels of success if we apply them correctly and work to make them reality. Stop having mediocre dreams or you'll have mediocre success. Dream it and achieve it.  

  Yours truly,

Oh, Brenda!